What is good content? Why do businesses invest in building strong contents?

Creating strong and good quality content is one of the most significant things you can do as part of your online strategy. Contents allow you to establish an authoritative website. At the same time, it creates brand awareness and foster customer’s trust in your brand.

SEO experts suggest that good contents can greatly generate traffic and can further generate leads and sales. The more traffic you create for your website, the more traffic it receives. It is, then, pivotal to fill your website with outstanding articles.

But, how can you create outstanding contents? Here are suggestions from SEO experts:

Add Value

If you wish to engage more with your intended audiences, it is best to create contents that are valuable and important to your them. Skills and passion are two significant factors to create outstanding contents. But these two becomes insignificant if you don’t have followers who think that your articles are valuable to them. 

There are many ways to add value to your contents. Identify the wants and needs of your target audience and focus your composition on these areas.

If you are an SEO service provider, you can create articles regarding SEO services. You can provide them with valuable information about the benefits of optimized websites and contents. You can also provide ideas how to achieve a strong web presence through search engine optimization. Moreover, d

Provide Citations

Opinionated proliferated throughout the internet. But for those contents that need hardcore facts, it is best to cite sources. Providing references on your contents will increase your reader’s trust to you as a writer and to your article. For instance, if you wish to provide data and statistics to your article cite your source. Placing citations on your contents will make your readers believe that you are citing facts.

Create Trending Contents

The best contents are those current and newsworthy. Online users nowadays often search for contents that are relevant and trending. Individuals would want to know how events would affect them in different ways.

Make your contents relevant and relatable to your audiences. Do an extensive research about trending topics within your niche. For instance, in the SEO service industry, provide your readers with contents about the latest trends in search engine optimization strategies. Whatever your niche may be, relevance if key to directing the limelight to you. 

Make it Personal

Survey suggests that the most powerful contents make personal connections. Econsultancy identified that 52% of online marketers agreed that personalizing contents are pivotal to their online strategies.

Writing your articles from this point of view may include a personal touch to your composition. Write something that would capture the interest and emotions of your readers. You can follow these tips in adding a personal touch to your article:

  • You can share your own story or personal experiences to describe your points to your readers.
  • You can also share with them challenges you encountered and how you overcome all them. For instance, the struggles you had in your online business and the strategies you did to solve the issues.
  • Use second-person in your content such as ‘you, everyone,’ and other personal pronouns written in second-person.
  • Write the way to speak to your readers to make them feel that you are really into them.

Make it in-depth

Online marketing experts and writers would say that making original contents are the best way in creating outstanding contents. But, nothing is purely original among all the content articles on the internet. There were many resources online that would answer your queries.

Apart from adding a personal touch to your content, its depth can make it stand out from the rest. When you make content, take the time to do research. Provide your readers with in-depth information such as contents that are thorough, specific, and useful to them.

Do not provide your readers with facts and information they already know. Instead, go deeper. Cater to their needs by providing them valuable and significant information that can’t be found somewhere else.

Moreover, make your content readable to your audiences. Do not write complicated sentences and words that are difficult to understand. As much as possible do not use jargons. Remember that not all your readers are expert to your niche. Most of them do their online research to know and to learn about a particular topic. Hence, write your content in a simple and informative way.

Optimize Content and the Entire Website

Creating high-quality contents are wise online marketing strategy. But optimizing them is a lot wiser. Promote your articles and make them rank. Reach a wider range of your target market through search engine optimization. Online marketers are investing a lot on search engine optimization. Aside from its cost-effectiveness, SEO strategies provide great results. Effectively optimized contents and websites provide marketers with a higher return on investments (ROI).

Optimizing content is a significant marketing strategy. Yet, your efforts of optimizing content would be useless if you fail to take into account your actual users. Thus, as you create and optimize content, make is sure that they are also user-friendly.

Website Optimization Tips 

  • Make sure to include the targeted keywords in the copy, title, meta-descriptions, and tags.
  • Use quality images with optimized ALT descriptions.
  • Post content on your website regularly.
  • Create interesting headlines and engaging content.
  • Add call to action on your blog post and copy article
  • Make the website navigable.
  • Decrease the loading page time

Econsultancy states approximately 40% of online users are more likely to abandon a website if takes 3 seconds to load. Thus, make it a point to make the loading time as short as possible.

Creating outstanding and engaging content need time, effort, strategic plan, and a lot of hard work. Do not settle for average articles. Take time to write a composition above average. Most of the competing sites are proving average content. Leverage your content from the rest.

How about you? How do you take your content to the next level?