Have you seen the new update in Google search? Well, if not, try doing a quick search query in Google for the keyword “paid search marketing” and it will give you a variation of detailed search engine page results (SERP) content. Notice on the image below, on the “People also ask” feature, Google provides pre-written questions related to your search queries. What we have just seen today is that when you click on the bottom of the pre-written questions, it never stops. It always provides you more and more pre-written questions until you find out exactly what you’re looking for.

people-also-ask Notice on the image below the green GIF icon, it’s an indicator that it generates more and more pre-written questions. loading-gif-icon  

How it Helps

Well, it makes it easier for the users to look for their specific queries especially when they are using mobile smartphones. It gives them a smooth, fast and hassle free method of searching for their particular answers. The features provide pre-written questions that are generated from the most common issues that Google found and stored in their algorithm.


How it Affects SEO’s

The bad side for SEO’s is that their keyword rankings’ results are apparently being shaded with this feature because the users tend to focus their attention on this new update which is only shown on the first page of SERP. It seems that it’s getting harder and harder to adjust to this kind of update from an SEO’s perspective. The content competition also appears to be pretty hard since it only shows content that has an answer to a particular question.  

Prospective Conclusion

Having said that, this new update also has an exception on the search queries. When you do a quick search query again for the keyword “How search engines work”, the “People also ask” feature is nowhere to be found in SERP. Notice on the image below, it’s replaced with a rich snippet feature since the answers are already there and have been generated through Google algorithm. rich-snippet I have not yet seen an article mentioning this kind of update, even in Official Google blogs. We’re still waiting for Google’s final announcements regarding this update. It could be a part of Google algorithm tweaks. If you’ve seen any official update regarding this new feature, let us know, and your comments are very welcome for us to further discuss this matter.