Building a strong link authority is a must to rank in Google search results. The higher the ranking, the more likely you achieve SEO goals. But, common SEO mistakes can hinder your quest to be on top.

Here’s a list of the common yet avoidable mistakes you should be mindful about your SEO strategies.

Obtaining ‘Likes’ instead of ‘Links.’

You are completely misaligned if you are not incorporating SEO goals to your social strategies. SEO goals must support your social media strategy. Do not focus on the number of ‘likes’,’retweets’, and ‘shares’ the content had. After all, these are not the things that Google needs for you to rank, it’s the links. Thus, focus the social campaign in getting influential bloggers to link to your site. The more bloggers linking to your site, the more likely you get more web visitors.

Using the Wrong Words

Another common SEO mistake that marketers do is the use of wrong keywords. Keywords are significant elements for SEO. It is critical to research and to use the right keyword for your niche. But you need not worry. This common mistake is entirely avoidable.

There are lots of keyword tools available online that can be of great help in your keyword search. These tools include Google Adwords Keyword Tool and KeywordSpy. These tools would not only link you to your audiences, but it can also provide you with crucial brainstorming intel. You can also refer to Google Trends to gather seasonal content ideas.

Placing Contents to the Wrong Site

It is sad to note that there are marketers who failed to realize that they are putting their contents to the wrong site. Placing contents to the wrong site would not only kill the content. It can also hinder the goal to rank in search engine search results. Do not waste your marketing efforts. Find your contents a home. Create a landing page for your contents where the links lead the users directly to the main site.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or LinkedIn is less than ideal home for contents. External links on these sites are not followed. Third-party sites like BuzzFeed and Huffington Post are also less ideal. BuzzFeed would never allow you to drop links to your site. It forfeits the purpose of guesting on these sites. Editorial guildelines are as hassle as the competing links on these pages.

If you want to build up link authority, the best spot to host your link worthy content is on your website– for startups.

Targeting the Wrong Audiences

Fact is, creating content means you have to make it for the target audience. But this not the end all you need for killer content. From an SEO perspective, it is imperative that also to target the Linkerati such as the online influencers. Linkerati have the most authority in the eyes of Google. Marketing campaign would create great results if you were able to attract the attention of the online influencers. Google perceived them as trusted, authoritative, and valuable.

Failing to Seek Help from a Power User

Power users are bloggers, celebrities, social media mavens, and journalists with huge followers on social media. Power users are the secret weapon of most link builders. Their participation in promoting your site along with your products/services is game-changing. They can substantially make a huge difference in your marketing journey.

Of course, when you seek help from a power user, prepare something in return for their help. You can give them cash or favors. You don’t need many power users. You just need to have one whom you think could help you to reach a wider range of audiences.

You can also seek professional help from a digital marketing firm that offers SEO services. These firms are experts in their field. Hence, you can be assured that your marketing campaigns are handled well.

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