Working with clients may be better on some days and worse in others. But we know that they give value to the organisation and keeping them happy is an obligation. Surprisingly, creating good working relations with them is quite simple.

Read through these fascinating tips to find out.

Know the proper way of pitching ideas

As an SEO specialist, you may have ideas from the industry that you think is brilliant and perfect for the client. Unfortunately, it does not sit well with the latter.

The key approach in working with difficult clients is to create respect from both sides. When delivering your ideas, make sure that you don’t impose it on them. Allow the clients to think it through. Here at Websavii, we ensure that our best possible ideas are laid out on the table to complement the needs of our customers.

Create goals and visions that align with that of the client

 What does our client want?

You should have a clear understanding of what the client wants for you to perform. This is essential as each successful project starts with having clear goals. However, it is also equally important to ensure that your goals and the client’s goals are aligned to avoid conflict.

Make sure to listen and understand

A desirable working relationship starts with you. Listen to the client. How else would you know what they need if you don’t listen? Keep your ears open at all times and learn to process what you’re hearing. In other words, try to understand what and how they want things to be done. At Websavii, listening is a key strategy to keep us from wasting time and effort only to be rejected just because of “not listening during the meeting.”

Document all activities

With everything that is going around, every project member may be too busy to be bothered recording their activities. But, documentation is important not only for accountability but also to help in the evaluation and review process. This is to keep track on why the project has failed. Think of the problem as a wound. How do you stop it from bleeding if you cannot find the source of pain? It is easier to resolve issues when you know where the cause is.

Learn to ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to clarify confusions. This will indicate that you are keen on making the right decisions for the project.

You have to know that clients appreciate that you want their opinion. Most importantly, it will be the core of the entire project. With the right amount of knowledge and skills, you can create and implement a successful project.

An inspiring woman once said that “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Websavii placed into the core of its business – from web design and development to SEO Services – Helen Keller’s words in dealing with its clients. We understand the importance of creating valuable relationships with the customer. There are no secrets and complicated strategy; we just work with a heart.