Why do businesses have to create online leverage? An equally important question is how to make such advantage? Experts agree that it’s “because it is the trend and everybody else is doing, it including our competitors.” Then, they are in it to compete. But, businesses are in search for competitive advantage, so how do they find that on the Internet, where it pools every business conceivable? Here are why:

No. 1: Establish credibility and legitimacy

Consumers enjoy the benefits of the Internet that it gave a new wave of consumerism behaviours. If they hear about a new product, they are more likely to hit Google search. This is an opportunity for you to establish that you are legit and you mean business.


No. 2: Make impressions

What do we know about first impressions? Yes, that they count. Creating your online presence through a website is not enough. How the website will look or its design will influence consumers’ decisions. If consumers think you can’t provide the experience they want and need, then you are prone to rejection. Drag. Point. Click the X mark. Websavii ensures that you will create that lasting impression to your customers with designs that will work both on mobile and tablets.

No. 3: Reachability

A mesmerizing feature of the Internet is how it transcends geographical boundaries. We have long said goodbye to yellow pages and even our telephones to look for local products. The Internet allows access to international goods and services from consumer’s smartphones. Fortunately, it is a two-way street. Businesses can also reach international consumers.


No. 4: Answer consumer inquiries without them even asking, fast and efficient

Having a website forms part of a business’ marketing initiative. Consumers will first look you up online before making purchases or heading to your brick and mortar store. They would want to know your products and how much chunk of their wallet will it cost. Without them asking you, they will obtain data from your website. Also, unlike traditional marketing medium, it combines different media into one platform, making it interactive and informative.

No. 5: Measurable results

Results can easily be measured. You can evaluate whether your investment yields expected results because it helps you gather pertinent data.

Each and every fibre composing our modern society are in one way or another are drawn into the virtual world. That is not surprising in the age of fast paced technological advancement. We could never emphasize the significance of developing and design a website for businesses in light of the strong competition. Now is the time to go online!