After you input a word or phrase on your favourite search engine, the next thing you would be looking at is the website. So, how does web design affects you?

Start by asking yourself. The moment you entered that page, were you able to instantly find the right answer? Did you find it easy to navigate the site and move from section to section? If no, then, it means the website hasn’t been designed well with convenience and usability in mind. 

If you put yourself in the position of the one viewing the site, you may find it quite frustrating to realise that you have wasted time on a page that doesn’t even have what you’re looking for. This would make visitors leave to find another site – greatly affecting your sales. If you are having second thoughts on spending money on web design, reflect on these 3 significant factors that will help you make your website stand-out among the rest.

Call to Action



A website that looks good is only one thing. The design will not matter if you sacrifice functionality for the sake of aesthetics. Both have to work hand in hand to come up with something dynamic that would capture your audience’s attention and provide their needs.

Being “dynamic” means that your design should draw the viewer’s eye to the most important part of your website. Make use of “colours” and captivating “photos”, get creative and produce a good design that will urge visitors to take that action.

Unique Label



For over a thousand websites scattered all around the internet, what will make you stand out from the rest? Simple. It’s your company’s branding. Even if you already have a brick and mortar shop, it’s still not enough if you want to beat the competition in the market. You got to have that special spark that will catch people’s eyes. You need to consider getting your company established not just on a physical platform but also online.

Moreover, your brand should be consistent. If you already have a logo, make sure to integrate it into your website design. It is vital for your future customers to recognise your brand.  So, whenever they avail your service, they have something to remember and refer to.

Builds Trust



A website that looks friendly, accessible and credible will certainly contribute to an increase in your traffic. For those who are not acquainted with doing business online, the internet can be quite a scary place.  Transactions via the internet are not  directly personal, thus having a website design is the best way to create that friendly environment. If you are having trouble with your site, you can seek help from Websavii for your web design.

For potential customers to find what they need and contribute to your sales, they need to experience good usability on your site, where they can easily understand and navigate. As long as you properly handle your website’s design, customers will continuously visit your site and do business with your company.

Your website serves as your portfolio as to whether the potential customers will avail of your services or not. Web design is your best platform to impress your client.